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London Fog Crepe Cake


    • 2 cups of Moo's Protein Muffin Mix in London Fog
    • 2 cups of water
    • Cooking spray
    • 1 cup whipping cream
    • 1 tsp sugar
    • Mixed berries
    Baking Instructions:
    1. Mix 2 cups of Moo's Protein Muffin Mix and 2 cups of water (you can make a smaller batch using 1 cup of muffin mix and 1 cup of water. 1:1 ratio)
    2. Mix well until there are no clumps 
    3. In a medium/small nonstick pan, on medium heat, spray with cooking oil.
    4. Add 1/4 cup of batter, swirl in the pan until even and thin. Cook on 1 side for about 2 mins (or until edges begin to lift), loosen the edges gently with a small spatula.Flip and cook another min then remove from pan. **the batter is quite sticky than a typical crepe it just takes a bit longer cook. Continue to make crepes until there is no more batter.
    5. In a medium bowl add 1 cup of whipping cream and 1 tsp sugar, whip until stiff peaks form. (feel free to use sugar of your choice or leave it out) Alternative: Use Greek Yogurt instead of whip and sugar
    6. On a serving plate or cake stand, add some whipped cream (or greek yogurt) to the bottom. Place a London Fog crepe on top. Then spread a thin layer of whip cream on top of the crepe. Repeat until all crepes are used.
    7. Make a thicker layer of whipped cream for the top and add some whip all around. It doesn't have to look perfectly even. Add some mixed berries for some nice color and decor, I used blueberries and strawberries. Which also goes really great with the London Fog flavor.
    8. Enjoy!


    Recipe by: Lala's Kitchen

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