Moo's Protein Muffins

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“These muffins are so good. Instant protein to my muscles. Get the chocolate cause it’s delicious. Upon initial purchase I was hesitant due to past experiences with protein muffins. However, Moo’s Protein Muffins actually taste delicious. I’m not sure how they make them so good, but for what they’re worth, I buy when whenever is see them. Plus the 20g of protein fits perfectly into my macros.”

Luke Burns

"I have been a huge fan of these delicious muffins for the past 10+ years! They are the perfect start to my morning, or as a post-workout snack since they are packed with so much protein goodness. I enjoy all the flavours, but the chocolate and blueberry ones are my absolute favourite! Do yourself a favour, and get yourself hooked on these healthy but super tasty muffins!"

Yashika Pillay

"Moo's protein muffins are a staple of my week - I use them either as meal replacement, I being them with me when I travel, I have them before and/or after workout, really any time I can! They are high in protein and a great snack to have. My favourite flavour is chocolate."

Lizz Garbruzov

“I have been loving these protein muffins for years! Have not, will not EVER get tired of them... they are just too good! I swear they should be called “Magic Muffins” cause I’m completely hooked!! And seriously, if you haven’t mixed one of the blueberry with the chocolate together, you haven’t lived yet. Best. Protein. Muffin. Period.” 

Nathan Brown