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Our Story


The original concept for Moo’s was designed by Valerie Locke, a former competitive athlete and science major, with the support and expertise of her husband, Richard Locke. Having spent many years as the Canadian representative for three of the most well-known and respected medical testing labs in the USA, Val’s background in amino acid and protein chemistry coupled with Richard’s thirty years of health and fitness retail experience given Moo’s it’s unique combination of nutritional trust and quality service.

These two visionary individuals created the Moo's Juice Bar concept to meet the population's growing interest in health and wellness. Moo's is a "Health Bar that makes a difference". The concept was unique, developed in 2004, it was designed to provide healthy gourmet food in a hurry and at a reasonable price to fit a busy lifestyle. 

World Health Club Glenora

World Health Club Whitemud



New franchise owners, Ralphie and Ron Mendita, expanded the franchise to YMCA Jamie Platz. The idea that healthy food could be served fast seemed to be essential to the YMCA. Further expanding to the YMCA Castledowns and William Lutsky, they brought their family into the business to continue its growing success.

[The Last Decade]

Moo's quickly gained recognition by gyms all over the city, opening new locations in multiple to LA Fitness locations, World Health Clubs, Kinsmen Rec Center, numerous City of Edmonton Recreation Centres and Leduc Recreation Centre. The juice and smoothie bars have evolved over the last decade and are proud to address the need for nutrients such as fiber, essential fatty acids and complex carbohydrates.



Today, with the ever-growing health food market industry, Moo's greatest success has come from it's signature product - Moo's Protein Muffins. Not only being sold at Moo's locations, but at cafe's, restaurants and online. When the pandemic hit, Ron and his sister Rose had to find a way to pivot the business. With everyone at home during lockdown and baking mixes flying off the shelf, the thought of an at home protein muffin baking mix seemed like the most convenient way to get into their customers homes!


Today, Moo's now sells at home protein muffin baking mixes in a variety of flavours (staples and seasonal)! Growing into more retail locations and meeting demand all across the city and country 🍁


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